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In the middle of Maremma Toscana, in an unpolluted land surrounded by hills and an endless horizon, far away from mass tourism, stress and the noise of big city life, Oasi del Pianettino is waiting for you for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

Pianettino is surrounded by wonderful and calm nature. Its garden apartments are all brand new and totally auotnomous; easily reachable from the main Tuscan roads, Pianettino is a heaven of relax nearby Ombrone river and the villages of Campagnatico and Arcille.

You'll enjoy an endless landscape, where the countryside scenery depicts the perfect fusion between man and environment, a nature that has been painted by the countless colours of seasons, from spring's intense green to autumn leaves' red. Pianettino's big garden is the ideal place for mixed grills and rest underneath the Tuscan sun while the apartments provide all comforts. You'll also have the chance to take long walks up to river Ombrone in order to watch closely flora and fauna that populate this river in a particularly attractive stretch.

Oasi del Pianettino is a well-experienced farm, specialized in breeding "Appenninica" sheeps, cereal and forage production; it is also well-known for olive rising and almond tree cultivation. Almond trees are wonderfully decorated with blossoms in the period between January and March.

Thanks to its perfect position, dipped into the nature just a short walk from Tyrrhenian sea, near places of artistic and historical interest and resorts rich in traditional festivals, Oasi del Pianettino holiday farm meets the tastes of all the people who are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday, also full of interesting things, fun and beauty.

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